Spring Bough 40×30 in. oil on canvas

Jamie Young deftly integrates the substance and the subject of her paintings. With dense fields of swooping brushstrokes and glancing lines, she articulates abundant, tumultuous, encroaching vegetation. Balancing the muscularity of her line and form, she delicately renders fleeting atmospheric effects with luminous veils of pale color that conjure sky and light beyond the canopy of branches and vines.

The paintings are alive with sensation. The sights, smells, and feel of their settings – time of day, weather conditions, season, even temperature and the dampness of the air – become almost palpable. Young’s works are virtuosic compositions, symphonic in the scale and complexity.


– Mara Williams, Chief Curator

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

The Fells 28×22 in. oil on panel 2018

One of three new works at: William Baczek Fine Arts  36 Main St.  Northampton MA