End of the Night

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Landscape Painting

Roaming the hills of Western Massachusetts and farming keep me outside and painting year round. The thing that makes me stop and paint is the light, atmosphere and composition. That is what I sketch in pencil; colors and expressive brush strokes are emotional tools that finish the painting. I paint plein air for small pieces and work in the studio for large paintings.

I love the purity of abstract and expressionist art and the Earth pulls me back to landscapes, so I try to walk the line between.

The stillness of the Earth is something that we all see and have a need to be with. Painting and drawing are ways for me to meditate on the stillness and be more aware, centered, and energized. I try to pass it on in my paintings.

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New Event

The Young Collector

Group show at the Harrison Gallery
39 Spring St. Williamstown, MA
June 2 – 30, 2012